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If you're looking to buy your milk somewhere other than Coles or Woolworths, this is the place to find it. Please remember, if you DO buy your milk in a supermarket, it CAN benefit farmers IF it is 'branded' milk - e.g., Devondale is a Murray Goulburn brand, Pauls is Australian-produced milk from Queensland, owned by the Italian Parmalat company; Dairy Farmers, Pura and The Complete Dairy are also Australian milk brands owned by the global food giant Lion; Anchor is a Fonterra brand. In Australian supermarkets, all those brands are Australian milk. It's a complex picture, but you have a choice. This page is provided to help you exercise that choice. Whatever you do, please avoid buying Coles or Woolworths plain-label/home-brand milk. It's still high quality Australian milk produced by the same farmers, but those companies' practices are screwing farmers and that's part of the picture you can re-shape by not buying these plain label products.

You can also add your favourite farmer-friendly milk brand to the list and let others know where it's available.

If we all pool our local knowledge, we can help each other find better milk - and you will be helping your local farmers.

(We put this together in a hurry, so please excuse any glitches!)

Please add, share, but most of all, use this list to make better purchasing decisions - it WILL make a diference!

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Brand Sourced From (Region or farmer) Available at (outlets) Address Available around (City or region) Added by Crowd consensus
Inglenook Dairy Ballarat MAGIC MEADOW 144 Emmersons Rd Lovely Banks, VIC 3221 Australia 0 0
Inglenook Dairy Ballarat HARVEST HALLS GAP 2 Heath St Halls Gap, VIC 3381 Australia 1 0
Inglenook Dairy Ballarat PIER PORT HOTEL Port Welshpool 0 0
Inglenook Dairy Ballarat MAXI IGA 11 Hargraeves Street Castlemaine , Victoria 3450 0 0
Inglenook Dairy Ballarat FIVE AND DIME BAGEL CO 16 Katherine Pl Melbourne, VIC 3000 Australia 0 0
Inglenook Dairy Ballarat WEBSTERS MARKET & CAFE 61 Webster St Ballarat, VIC 3350 Australia 1 0
Inglenook Dairy Ballarat THE CAPTAIN OF AIREYS 81 Great Ocean Rd Aireys Inlet, VIC 3231 Australia 0 0
Inglenook Dairy Ballarat CASH MARK PUMPA HORSHAM Horsham 0 0
Inglenook Dairy Ballarat Wilsons Fruit and Vegetables Lucas Coltman Plaza, Lucas Ballarat, Victoria 3350 0 0
Inglenook Dairy Ballarat ALBERT & CO 15 Point Rd Kalimna, VIC 3909 Australia 0 0
Inglenook Dairy Ballarat Geelong Fresh Foods 171 Pakington St Geelong West, Victoria Australia 1 0
Inglenook Dairy Ballarat Colliban Foodstore Trentham 0 0
Inglenook Dairy Ballarat GLENLYON GENERAL STORE 63 Barkly St Glenlyon, VIC 3461 Australia 0 0
Inglenook Dairy Ballarat Harvey's Of Highton 9-11 Bellevue Avenue Highton Eliza from Newtown 2 0
Inglenook Dairy Ballarat CRESWICK COUNTRY FRESH 56 Albert Street Creswick, VIC 3363 Australia 0 0
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