Local Food Loop

If it's food and it's local, it's here.

Growers. Fishers. Farm gates. Breweries. Bakeries. Meatsmiths. Cafes. Farmers Markets. Food Events.

Local places, local people, local food.

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For growers
Local growers are using Local Food Loop in two ways:

1. If you're a grower with farm gate sales, we'll include you on the app just as we include markets, cafes and other places where local food is sold. It helps people to find you so they can buy your produce. Basic listings show people where they can find you and what you grow, and they're free.

2. If you're so busy growing that you don't have time to sell on-site, but you do sell to local retailers or at markets, we can profile your branded produce on its own page in the app AND highlight your produce on those retailers' pages as well.

Send your details and we'll make sure you're included. Basic listings are always free.
For artisans
Wine-makers, brewers, meatsmiths, smokehouses, olive pressers, coffee-roasters, bakers, picklers, ice-cream blenders, charcuterers, butter-churners, preservers & jammers... you get the idea.

Artisans take great local products and transform them into something new and delicious. Often, it's these skilled people who give a local region its food reputation, and their specialised food is in high demand. So, of course, the Local Food Loop app is full of them. 

If punters can buy your lovingly crafted products at the place you create them, we'll put you on the map so they can find you easily. If you supply your creations to other places (delis, cafes, restaurants and the like) we can add them too, and make sure your glorious food is profiled on their listing.

Drop us a note to make sure you're in the mix.

For sellers
Quite simply, Local Food Loop delivers local food lovers to your shop. They find you on the Local Food Loop app. They see your welcoming Local Food loop window sticker. They come in, They buy. They eat. They come back.

We're also working on a really interesting loyalty program and in-app promotional features that will put you in direct contact with your regular customers, those you want to turn into regulars, as well as the adventurous local-food-seeking visitors from out of town.

Send us a quick note with your details and we'll make sure your shop is included on the app. Basic listings are always free and we'll let you know when the new features sprout.

If you know of a local food place that should be part of Local Food Loop, please tell us about it.

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