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When you're in the business of growing, making or selling beautiful local food, you deserve to be noticed.

With a Premium Profile on Local Food Loop, you will stand out as a place that is serious about the quality, origin and local flavour of your food.
Make your profile gorgeous with your own images. Share your inspiring story. Add your logo. Include all your social media links. Create offers for customers in your area. Make announcements about whatever you like. Show everyone exactly which local products you sell. Manage all this from your own secure control panel in your favourite browser. In short, get noticed, curate loyal customers and sell more.

Go Premium to strengthen your brand, and connect with customers who are already trying to find you.

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Meet some of the people and goats involved in Local Food Loop and learn how they're using it.
(OK, some goats do find it challenging, but they persevere.)
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 think it is important to know where their food comes from - and they are actively looking for your locally grown or made produce, food and drink.

Local Food Loop shows them where you are, where your food comes from, and why you should be on their shopping list or travel itinerary.

Tell your story your way

Stand out with pictures that tell a thousand words. Change them whenever you want to. Connect with your customers by sharing your story - people want to know their farmer, their butcher, their baker, even if they never meet them in person.

Your Premium Profile lets you tell your story to create that connection with an extended description of your place, as well as a whole screen devoted to your inspiring story. Your extended description and story images will also appear on your map pop-up.

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Create offers, deals & announcements

Have your berries just come into season? Do you want to create a limited time offer or special deal? Has your farm-gate just re-opened for spring? Or maybe you’ve just put a great new local beer on tap? From your Profile Manager, you can quickly create offers and announcements and they’ll instantly appear on your screen inside the app, visible to every user who checks you out.

Users simply redeem the offer by showing it to you on the app when they visit your place. (We're currently working on creating offers that will self-destruct if you're keen on single use discounts.)

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Social is everything - connect with people looking for you

You probably spend time carefully crafting more than just food. Your personality comes through on social media, so it makes sense to introduce customers to your facebook, twitter and instagram feeds, doesn’t it? App users can connect with our Premium members on any or all of these channels with hotlinks that jump from the app directly to your feeds.

We’re all about community, as nothing says ‘connected’ like a bunch of likes, follows & regrams.

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Local Produce Unlimited

What makes Local Food Loop especially awesome is the way it shows customers exactly where their food comes from. That’s what everyone wants to know. If you sell food, you can add unlimited local products to your profile, showing the origin of what’s available right now. If you grow or make food or drink, your Profile Manager will give you total control over where your products are shown. We know that’s important, especially if you supply seasonally, or you’d prefer that your product was no longer associated with a particular retailer.

And of course, if you sell your own food or drink at your own place, you’ll be able to highlight it there and proudly show off your zero food miles badge!

Take a look

Check out some existing Premium Profiles, like Saint Regis Winery, Home Made Produce, Ray-Monde Deux or Pie and I, on the Local Food Loop app for your iPhone or Android.

Jump into the loop

Getting listed with a Premium Profile costs as little per week as a good locally roasted coffee.

But it does so much more for you. Read more.

As they say...

"Being a member of Local Food Loop allows customers to find our products, whether they be at a retail outlet or at a market. Thumbs up for bringing local producers together in this way!"
     -- Ami Hillege, Otway Fields.

Your Premium Profile membership costs just $25 per month,
easily paid in advance in affordable Australian dollars.
When you sign up for a year, we'll throw in a month for free.

That’s it. Simple, safe and effective. Join here.

Premium Profiles connect customers to your food

Like these ...
Meaningful customer interactions:
  • Your detailed map popup includes your own photos and your Premium description
  • Tag yourself with unlimited searchable keywords within the app, including regional search terms
  • You’ll appear in the top results set for in-app searches
  • Your social media links - facebook, twitter, instagram - will be added direct to your screen page
  • ‘What’s local here’ - no limit to the number of locally sourced items visible on your screen page (basic listings are limited to just three products)
  • Receive a notification email whenever someone favourites, reviews or uses the Localometer™ to vote on your place (you can opt in or out of this at any time on your secure dashboard)

Easy updates:
  • Manage all your details from your browser via your own pre-prepared web dashboard
  • Change your product details (those you grow, make or sell) to reflect seasonality or other changes in product availability

Get in the loop now for $25 or less^ and put your local food story into the hands of local food seekers everywhere.
^12th month free on yearly subscriptions. And be sure to ask us for a coupon code!
... and these
In-app store/product promotion:
  • Create time-limited ‘coupons’ (offers, special deals etc) that customers can redeem in-store when they purchase, simply by showing you the offer on their Local Food Loop app. Use the same function to create alerts to let users know when new products are available.

Complete brand/content management:
  • Your Premium description (extended text) appears on your Store Details screen
  • You’ll have an entire unique ‘Story’ screen for your place/products where you can engage your fans (like a one-page website built in to the app)
  • Photos of your choice appear on your Story screen in the app and on your map popup
  • Your store logo appears on your Store Details screen and on your Story screen. (It can also appear on your map popup if used as one of your Story photos)
  • You can change your “what’s local” product list as suppliers and seasons change. If you are a product owner, you can remove your product from other re-sellers’ screens as desired.

Your Premium Profile is just $25 per month,
easily paid in advance in affordable Australian dollars.
When you sign up for a year, we'll throw in a month for free.

Get your Premium Profile here:

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Area Supporters help regions and food sectors to really get noticed.

Area Supporters include local governments, regional tourism associations and industry associations or peak bodies. They support local food businesses in their geographic area of interest, or in a particular food sector.

Area Supporters can subsidise Premium members in their region or sector, and are often the best promoters of their local food economy. This helps listed places take real advantage of their presence on Local Food Loop, especially in high tourist seasons or when food festivals are scheduled.

If you'd like to know more about becoming an Area Supporter, or you'd like us to talk to someone who could become one, please drop us a note.

Thanks to our early adopters, supporters, testers and friends. You are awesome!

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Barwon Heads Winestore
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Eat Local Month
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Sticks and Stones

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